Are You Traveling Less Because of the Economy?

creative commons license by recompose on flickr
creative commons license by recompose on flickr

I’m taking some time off today from my usual routine of preaching whatever it is I want to share and asking YOU, my wonderful readers, a couple of questions.

Traveling in this economy has been talked about before here, but now I want to know what you think.

  • With this economy we are living in, are you currently traveling less?
  • With summer coming up, are you going to skip a trip you usually take this time of year?
  • What things are you changing in your travel routine? Are you using different accommodation or other things to save money, or are you choosing destinations that are cheaper than you would have before?

These are all pretty open ended.  I really want to know your feelings on the current economical situation in regards to your own travels.  Please take a second to share your thoughts in the comments section below and let’s see what everybody has to say on this subject.  I’m sure we’ll be talking more about this in the near future.

5 Replies to “Are You Traveling Less Because of the Economy?”

  1. Definitely traveling less. I’m 1/2 of the traveling sisters @ and we were both laid off within 6 months of each other so our travel budget’s pretty much gone … been squandered on necessities & stuff ;-). So we’re re-discovering our home town, which amazingly we have not seen “everything” in and taking advantage of the unavoidable trips (for family weddings and the like) to placate our travel bug. I am finding out, though, that I’d be willing to forgo just about everything short of my internet connection to save up for a trip.

  2. Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for the topic.

    I’m traveling less because I was laid off a year ago so to answer your question in the basic sense, yes. I used to travel nearly 50% of the year for my work as a meeting & event planner. Now I feeling like I’m on a withdrawal/detox program. :) Frankly, I miss the occasional flight so I can capture the travel in photo.

    I have taken two roadtrips, one where a friend drove & we split costs and the other was closer than would normally be.

    Hope this helps!

    Twitter: @mebplanner

  3. I’m traveling less because of my family. NOT so much because of the economy. I am taking a more ‘local’ trip to Las Vegas next week and I realized that the flight + hotel was extremely affordable. If this applies to travels abroad and near by…I might actually find myself traveling MORE in this economy.

  4. Overall I am traveling just as much as always, but I’ve changed my approach for domestic travel as a result of the economy in an effort to minimize expenses…now I travel the US much like I would travel in a foreign country – considering alternate modes of transportation (sacrificing time for cost savings) and looking for cheap (or free) accommodations instead of the typical American chain hotel.

    I do get the sense that many others are changing they way and frequency with which they travel, but I think the change in the general traveling public’s behaviors as a result of the economy is a GOOD thing for independent travelers – it validates the approach we’ve been accustomed to throughout our travel careers.

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