Tips for Saving up Money for Your Next Vacation

Love traveling but find it difficult to save up enough money to go on a trip? Here are five tips for ways you can save up some cash and take a vacation.

1) Automatically deposit money to your savings account every week.

I have $25 transferred into my savings account twice a week.  I hardly  notice such a small amount and assuming I go on a trip every six months, I’ll have about $1,300 saved solely for my vacation.

2) Sell your junk.

It’s too easy to sell things now with eBay and Craigslist.  Just gather the extra junk you’ve accumulated over the years and post it.  Craigslist is free and if you live in a large metropolitan area, it’s very popular so you shouldn’t have any issues finding buyers for your old things.

3) Find a part-time job.

I know nobody wants to work anymore than we already do but if you have some free time why not get a part-time job during the holidays working at a retail store? If you already balance your main income budget well you can save 100% of your secondary income and use it for traveling.

4) Write for Have Pack, Will Travel!

That’s right, we are now paying for articles! It’s not a ton of money, but one article will pay for a hostel in most parts of the world.  Read more about travel writing submissions.

5) Write for your own blog.

When you run your own blog or website you can earn your own advertising income.  Sure, there is some initial investment and it can take time to become profitable, but the potential is there.

Shameless self promotion: I build, maintain, and design websites based on WordPress. If you are ever considering starting your own blog I encourage you to check out my business’ website, WP Design Club, and feel free to email me if you have any questions about starting your own site.

Are you currently saving for a trip? Where are you heading and what methods are you using to save up money?

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  1. I use Smarty Pig ( to set travel goals and save for the trip. Set a target dollar amount, hook up your bank account, and Smarty Pig will automatically withdraw the appropriate amount each month for you to meet your goal. People can also give gifts to help you meet your goal.

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