Are You Traveling Less Because of the Economy?

creative commons license by recompose on flickr
creative commons license by recompose on flickr

I’m taking some time off today from my usual routine of preaching whatever it is I want to share and asking YOU, my wonderful readers, a couple of questions.

Traveling in this economy has been talked about before here, but now I want to know what you think.

  • With this economy we are living in, are you currently traveling less?
  • With summer coming up, are you going to skip a trip you usually take this time of year?
  • What things are you changing in your travel routine? Are you using different accommodation or other things to save money, or are you choosing destinations that are cheaper than you would have before?

These are all pretty open ended.  I really want to know your feelings on the current economical situation in regards to your own travels.  Please take a second to share your thoughts in the comments section below and let’s see what everybody has to say on this subject.  I’m sure we’ll be talking more about this in the near future.