Get Paid To Write About Travel

Are you a writer?

Have Pack, Will Travel is now accepting submissions from travel writers.

We are currently able to pay $10/article.  It may not be a lot, but if you are a travel blogger the exposure here can be very rewarding as your article will be read by thousands of extremely targeted readers!  You’ll receive your own author’s page with your biography and links back to your own blog and/or social networking profiles.

Please use the form below to send your idea for an article.  It does not have to be written yet as we would love to use the opportunity to approve or suggest a direction for your article.

Please note that submissions from companies are unpaid and probably can not be used.

Favorite budget travel destinations

Your favorite budget travel destinations is a new, semi-recurring column here on Have Pack, Will Travel and is open to submissions from anybody at any time.  If you want to share your favorite budget travel destination please submit 200-300 words about where your favorite place is, and why.  These are very informal posts that will appear every so often depending on the amount of submissions we receive.  If you send in a submission, be sure to include a short bio, your website, and twitter account if you have one.

Favorite budget travel destinations submissions are unpaid.

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