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In the past we’ve linked to dozens of travel blogs simply for the sake of reciprocity.  That’s changing and now all the links featured here will only be to sites we actively read and enjoy.

Sanchez Jalapeno

Not only is Shane a funny, entertaining, and knowledgeable travel writer, but he writes a TON here on Have Pack, Will Travel.  He may spell many words wrong (like two L’s in traveller) but he insists everybody else from Australia does it that way so apparently it’s OK.  Regardless of his curious spelling, definitely check out his new site if you’re into lighthearted travel writing with a bit of spice added for good measure.

Free Pursuits

Corbett Barr has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers.  Not exactly a travel blog, Free Pursuits focuses on lifestyle design and is described as a “blog for people who want a little more adventure and passion out of life.”

The Art of Non-Conformity

Never mind the fact I’m not sure if I know how to pronounce his last name, but Chris Guillebeau is looking to takeover the world and is currently attempting to travel to every single country in the world.  A travel-guru extraordinaire, small-business genius, and all-around nice guy, The Art of Non-Conformity should be bookmarked and subscribed to by all.

C’est Christine

Christine is a California native who decided to uproot herself and live her life in Nice, France.  Living in France is something that has always interested me so I’m always checking her latest posts.


Chelsea’s a good friend who set off last year to travel around the world and has been blogging her way through it.  She is currently volunteering in Ecuador.

Around The World “L”

Lillie’s a teacher from Boston who took a 9-month RTW trip which included volunteering in Ghana.  I don’t know where she finds the time to write all of the content on her site but it’s great.  If you find somebody who blogs more often than her I’ll buy them an ice cream sandwich.

Maiden Voyage

Emily Gerson is a full-time writer for some big-name publications but her blog is targeted for fellow 20-somethings and filled with great thoughts and info.

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